95th Rifles – Completed

I had decided to paint up a little unit of 95th Rifles to finish off my “Sharpe” painting trip I started last month. The same Perry Miniatures that I had with the 44th East Essex and the eagle eyed among you may notice a disparity between the uniforms in the unit!


95th Rifles


The mixture of uniforms is easily explained by this little units skill set of thievery, mixed with a friendly Spanish mistress with a barrel full of green dye. This little unit wont be wearing torn threadbare clothing if they can help it!


Alternatively, a cunning spymaster has a plan to lure some of the french line into a trap, but he doesn’t have enough riflemen to draw the French away from their main force. Reluctantly, some of the least useful soldiers of the 44th get pulled out the ranks, get made to dye their uniforms and trot off to pretend to be riflemen, swelling their numbers and fooling the French into sending off too many troops to deal with them! Maybe!


On ebay now if anyone is interested, click here.


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