Commission Prices

We paint all types of miniatures from any game system or manufacturer.

We only paint to the style you see on our gallery pages, and do not have different tiers for different levels of painting. If you want a Golden Demon standard army of Gretchin, we probably are not the painters you seek! Likewise, if you just want three colours and a base, there are probably cheaper options out there for you!

Our prices are:


Foot – £2.50 per model

Cavalry/Ridden – £5.00 per model

War Machine/Monster – £10 per model


Foot  small- £5 per model (most historical miniatures/Eldar/guardsmen etc)

Foot large – £6.50 per model (Space Marines/Ork nobz/)

Foot Extra – £10.00 per model (Ogres, trolls etc)

Cavalry/Ridden – £10 per model (Horseback/bikes)

Vehicle/Monster regular – £40 per model (Chariots/dreadnoughts etc)

Vehicle/Monster large – £60 per model (Ridden dragons/Land Raiders etc)

We offer a discount of 10% off for commissions greater than 20 miniatures, and 20% off for commissions greater than 50 miniatures!

If you have a project and a price you want to pay in mind, shoot us an email and we will see what we can do!


All of our commissions are shipped back to you via traceable delivery at your own expense, for your peace of mind. We heard that there are sneaky Orcs at the post office who will try and eat anything without a tracking number.

We aim to package our commissions as carefully as possible so that they reach you in one piece, however that same sneaky Orc  is liable to shake your package about like a cheap snow globe, so please don’t be upset if anything breaks in transit!

We prefer commissions to be shipped to us around a week before we begin work. We can purchase items on your behalf from the appropriate webstore, however we would require payment for this up front. We prefer it if you either get your commission shipped to us from your address or direct from your chosen store.

We aim to contact you with regular updates and ensure you are satisfied with the commission. Once complete, we would require advancement of the agreed fee and return postage costs via Paypal. If for any reason the agreed fee is not paid, we reserve the right to list the models on an auction site of our choice to reclaim part or all of our fee. The agreed fee price is non negotiable once work commences.


If you are interested in using our service, please contact us at where we would be happy to discuss your needs and provide you with a quote.


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