WIP – Dwarf Runelord with Great Weapon

It seems every 28mm model I get across my desk recently has been either plastic or resin, so its been quite refreshing to feel the hefty weight of a metal model in my hands for once!




On first sight this little guy hasn’t got the most dynamic of poses compared to the newer plastic kits, and i’m not entirely convinced by the design of the great weapon! He does however have a lot of metal parts on him, ideal for practice! I’ve gone with purple and brown shading for the beard and some splotches of deneb stone mixed in with the grey highlights. Googling for reference images of grey beards brings up very little in the way of pure grey hair, there is almost always brownish staining! I guess beards get in the way of coffee cups?


Completed – Savage Orc Boar Boyz

Another unit clears the painting desk, this time a unit of Savage Orc Boar Boyz. I hadn’t had any greenskins come my way recently so I thought I’d better get some under my brush for practice.

Savage Orc 15


I did toy with the idea of putting some GW style tattoos on using the make up from KISS, but when I got further through the painting I decided to keep them as natural looking as possible. Orcs don’t apply no make up! I used the red accents to tie the unit together and brighten up the earthy greens and browns.


These guys are on ebay now, check them out by clicking here.

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Commissions and Facebook

Out desk is clear for commissions again! If you have anything you want painted to a high tabletop standard then why not send us an enquiry email at wentworthminiatures@gmail.com or check out our commission page and gallery from the menu. We really will paint anything from any system or ruleset!

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WIP – Savage Orc Boar Boyz

I noticed that I never added a work in progress picture of the 95th Rifles I finished a couple of posts ago, so to rectify that, here is a WIP of the Savage Orc Boar Boyz currently on the painting desk.

Savage Orc 1


Only the flesh done on the riders so far, I think one more highlight and that part will be done. I’m toying with the idea of copying the KISS make up for their warpaint. In blue of course.

Savage Orc 2


The Boarz are almost complete, just a few details here and their and finish the bases off. With any luck the riders will be glued to the boarz by tomorrow!

Alternative to PVA for basing

A few weeks ago my trusty bottle of Citadel PVA glue ran out. I know, there were plenty of cheaper glues available but I bought it ages ago when everything I bought was Citadel!

While the wee squeezy bottle lasted a while, it did have some faults and didn’t seem very strong, and I would always lose a load of sand from my bases when it came time to paint them, especially when the paint was watered down.

I had this big bottle of a product called CRA Bonder left over from putting down a Kitchen floor. CRA stands for Cement Rendering Agent and looks very similar to PVA glue.





It goes on to the base with an old brush just like standard PVA, however it seems to have a couple of benefits over Citadel PVA. Firstly, it dries in around half the time of Citadel PVA, so you are able to paint the base a lot sooner. Secondly, It seems to keep a much tougher grip on the sand, and far less is lost during painting even with heavily watered down paint. I didn’t even need to put another coat of PVA on top of the sand.

Finally, it can be found online for as little as £11 for 5 liters! That’s enough glue to last me a lifetime of bases!

95th Rifles – Completed

I had decided to paint up a little unit of 95th Rifles to finish off my “Sharpe” painting trip I started last month. The same Perry Miniatures that I had with the 44th East Essex and the eagle eyed among you may notice a disparity between the uniforms in the unit!


95th Rifles


The mixture of uniforms is easily explained by this little units skill set of thievery, mixed with a friendly Spanish mistress with a barrel full of green dye. This little unit wont be wearing torn threadbare clothing if they can help it!


Alternatively, a cunning spymaster has a plan to lure some of the french line into a trap, but he doesn’t have enough riflemen to draw the French away from their main force. Reluctantly, some of the least useful soldiers of the 44th get pulled out the ranks, get made to dye their uniforms and trot off to pretend to be riflemen, swelling their numbers and fooling the French into sending off too many troops to deal with them! Maybe!


On ebay now if anyone is interested, click here.

American Civil War Union Cavalry – Completed

And they’re done! I fell a little bit behind schedule on these guys but I finally got them finished to tabletop standard.

Union 4

American Civil War Union Cavalry – Perry Miniatures

This was a nice kit to assemble and build, not too complicated with only 2-part horses and one arm and hat to fit to each rider.

Union 6

Although they came with the option of 3 models to a base, I stuck with individual basing for these models, just in case anyone wanted to use them for different games systems.

Union 7


I’m not exceptionally happy with the way the photo’s have turned out, I seem to be plagued with an awkward light! These guys are on ebay just now if anyone wants to take a look, just click here.