WIP – Union Cavalry

A quick camera phone shot to show the work in progress of the horses for the unit of American Civil War Union Cavalry. Progress has been a bit slower than I would have liked, painting horses is harder than painting humans!


I’ve tried to keep my brush as loose as possible on the horses, anyone who has seen a herd of horses run will know they change shape and tone with every stride! I think nice neat uniform horses have their place, but for these ones I wanted to try something a bit different.


Finished – Perdita Ortega

I felt motivated to finish Perdita Ortega, and I’m quite pleased with the way she has turned out! I went for a fun cowboy feel, a mixture of Sharon Stone in “The Quick and the Dead” and Daisy Duke from “Dukes of Hazzard”.


Perdita Ortega



The Stars and Stripes shirt actually turned out quite good in the photo’s, I struggled to paint them with my ageing eyesite. (My magnifier glasses turned up this morning from eBay, review on them soon). I’d like to play about and get some better photos of her but for now I’m calling her done and time to focus back on the Union Cavalry.

WIP – Perdita Ortega and Swordmasters of Hoeth

I managed to get a bit more done on Perdita Ortega, and I’m much happier with the way she is looking. I originally wanted to go with a Daisy Duke type checkered shirt, but instead went for the good old Stars and Stripes to add a bit of colour against all the brown. Whether the shirt fits into the world of Malifaux, who knows!

Perdita 3



I’ve had these Swordmasters of Hoeth from Island of Blood sitting around for a while now, and had already painted and sold most of their companions. I had a bit of time so I finished them off and popped them onto ebay.

Swordmasters of Hoeth 1


I wanted to get away from blue and white High Elves for these guys, and painted them up in quite flippant, garish colours which I can imagine the Swordmasters flaunting. I imagine them as a cabaret of colourful, graceful death!

New Workstation!

I had a nice little white desk from Ikea. It was cheap, but looked good and I really quite liked it. Apparently, so did my daughter, and I ended up desk-less before I knew what hit me.


I acquired one of the wooden and cloth wardrobes from a neighbour with the intention of using it as a wardrobe, but my kids and partner thought it would be a really good idea to turn it into a hobby cave

desk one


The carcass of the wardrobe itself! All I had at my disposal was my toolbag, the frame of the wardrobe and my daughters old desk that I had dismantled. A few hours later and voila! The new mini man cave.

desk two


All my modelling man things together in one place!. It still has the cloth cover to go around the frame to close it all in, but i’m happy with the way it looks just now. My favourite part is my new paint bottle shelves! 

desk three


Now to sit down and use it productively!

WIP – Union Cavalry

Work continues on the horses for the Union Cavalry. The skin tones for Bay horses are almost complete, just a bit of facial details to go.


Union 3


These were basecoated in Vermin Brown, washed in slightly thinned Army Painter Strong Tone, then had undiluted Strong Tone painted into the deepest recesses. The skin was then touched up with more Vermin Brown and highlighted with Vermin Brown with a touch of Barbarian Flesh added in. 


The dark legs were painted on with a thin wash of Vermin Brown and Abbaddon Black, with more layers added the closer we got to the hoof. The blazes and socks were base coated with Astronomican Grey, shaded with a touch of black added into the grey, then highlighted with a slightly off white mix of Astronomican Grey and White Scar.

WIP – Union Cavalry and Perdita

My Primer finally arrived, so I made a start on the horses for the Union Cavalry. I’ve gone for a mixture of Bay, Chestnut and Dunn. I would have likes to have added in a bit more variation, maybe a paint horse or two, but that would stretch the time frame out a bit for these guys. Basic base coats applies to bodies, manes and tails.


Union 2


Did a little more work on Perdita too, but i’m struggling to get my camera to focus on single miniatures. Here’s the best I could get for the moment, it looks a lot better than that in real life! If anyone knows of a good, simple to follow photography tutorial for miniatures, please paste the link in the comments!

Perdita 2 

Coming up this week – Union Cavalry and Perdita

I took a fancy to painting some American Civil War this week, and after being so impressed by Perry Miniatures Napoleonic British I decided to plump for their Civil War Cavalry box.


This box comes with the option of assembling the riders as either Union or Confederate, with 12 horses for them to sit on. The quality of the sculps was excellent again, and the horses do remind me a bit of Games Workshop sculpts.

Union 1


The horses come in 24 pieces, with 12 left sides with heads and 12 right sides with tails. Any left side fits with any right side and just needs a litle bit of green stuff on the neck join if you are fussy about a little gap.


While awaiting delivery of a new can of undercoat, I scrabbled around to find something already undercoated in my box of bits to paint, and found Perdita Ortega.

perdita 1


This is just a play about figure just now and will work on it in my spare time. I did have the full gang with every intention of starting Malifaux! Just like I was going to start Dreadball!