Alternative to PVA for basing

A few weeks ago my trusty bottle of Citadel PVA glue ran out. I know, there were plenty of cheaper glues available but I bought it ages ago when everything I bought was Citadel!

While the wee squeezy bottle lasted a while, it did have some faults and didn’t seem very strong, and I would always lose a load of sand from my bases when it came time to paint them, especially when the paint was watered down.

I had this big bottle of a product called CRA Bonder left over from putting down a Kitchen floor. CRA stands for Cement Rendering Agent and looks very similar to PVA glue.





It goes on to the base with an old brush just like standard PVA, however it seems to have a couple of benefits over Citadel PVA. Firstly, it dries in around half the time of Citadel PVA, so you are able to paint the base a lot sooner. Secondly, It seems to keep a much tougher grip on the sand, and far less is lost during painting even with heavily watered down paint. I didn’t even need to put another coat of PVA on top of the sand.

Finally, it can be found online for as little as £11 for 5 liters! That’s enough glue to last me a lifetime of bases!