WIP – Dwarf Runelord with Great Weapon

It seems every 28mm model I get across my desk recently has been either plastic or resin, so its been quite refreshing to feel the hefty weight of a metal model in my hands for once!




On first sight this little guy hasn’t got the most dynamic of poses compared to the newer plastic kits, and i’m not entirely convinced by the design of the great weapon! He does however have a lot of metal parts on him, ideal for practice! I’ve gone with purple and brown shading for the beard and some splotches of deneb stone mixed in with the grey highlights. Googling for reference images of grey beards brings up very little in the way of pure grey hair, there is almost always brownish staining! I guess beards get in the way of coffee cups?


Completed – Savage Orc Boar Boyz

Another unit clears the painting desk, this time a unit of Savage Orc Boar Boyz. I hadn’t had any greenskins come my way recently so I thought I’d better get some under my brush for practice.

Savage Orc 15


I did toy with the idea of putting some GW style tattoos on using the make up from KISS, but when I got further through the painting I decided to keep them as natural looking as possible. Orcs don’t apply no make up! I used the red accents to tie the unit together and brighten up the earthy greens and browns.


These guys are on ebay now, check them out by clicking here.

We do models to order if you like what you see on our site, check out our prices page or contact us at Wentworthminiatures@gmail.com.

Finished – Perdita Ortega

I felt motivated to finish Perdita Ortega, and I’m quite pleased with the way she has turned out! I went for a fun cowboy feel, a mixture of Sharon Stone in “The Quick and the Dead” and Daisy Duke from “Dukes of Hazzard”.


Perdita Ortega



The Stars and Stripes shirt actually turned out quite good in the photo’s, I struggled to paint them with my ageing eyesite. (My magnifier glasses turned up this morning from eBay, review on them soon). I’d like to play about and get some better photos of her but for now I’m calling her done and time to focus back on the Union Cavalry.

Coming up this week – Union Cavalry and Perdita

I took a fancy to painting some American Civil War this week, and after being so impressed by Perry Miniatures Napoleonic British I decided to plump for their Civil War Cavalry box.


This box comes with the option of assembling the riders as either Union or Confederate, with 12 horses for them to sit on. The quality of the sculps was excellent again, and the horses do remind me a bit of Games Workshop sculpts.

Union 1


The horses come in 24 pieces, with 12 left sides with heads and 12 right sides with tails. Any left side fits with any right side and just needs a litle bit of green stuff on the neck join if you are fussy about a little gap.


While awaiting delivery of a new can of undercoat, I scrabbled around to find something already undercoated in my box of bits to paint, and found Perdita Ortega.

perdita 1


This is just a play about figure just now and will work on it in my spare time. I did have the full gang with every intention of starting Malifaux! Just like I was going to start Dreadball!