American Civil War Union Cavalry – Completed

And they’re done! I fell a little bit behind schedule on these guys but I finally got them finished to tabletop standard.

Union 4

American Civil War Union Cavalry – Perry Miniatures

This was a nice kit to assemble and build, not too complicated with only 2-part horses and one arm and hat to fit to each rider.

Union 6

Although they came with the option of 3 models to a base, I stuck with individual basing for these models, just in case anyone wanted to use them for different games systems.

Union 7


I’m not exceptionally happy with the way the photo’s have turned out, I seem to be plagued with an awkward light! These guys are on ebay just now if anyone wants to take a look, just click here.


Inspired by Sharpe – 44th East Essex, Perry Miniatures

After sitting at the painting desk watching every single episode of Sharpe, I decided to take a sab at painting some historical miniatures for a change. I did these guys in the colours of the 44th East Essex as a tribute to the North Essex in Sharpe. At least I hope I did. Historical accuracy doesn’t really matter too much when painting Space Marines!


It took a few weeks on and off, probably about 40 hours in total, and I’m quite pleased with how they turned out. I wasn’t sure how years of painting Games Workshop models would cross over to historical miniatures.

East Essex 1


These are from Perry Miniatures, and come in a box of 40 multi part models for around £20. The eagle eyed may notice there is only 30 models in the pictures, the other ten are going to be painted separately as a unit of skirmishers. The 95th Rifles probably, go Sharpe!